Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Big Bang Discovery Opens
Doors to the "Multiverse"
An illustration of multiple universes.
This illustration depicts a main membrane out of which individual 
universes arise; they then expand in size through time.

3D visualization of gravitational waves produced by 2 orbiting black holes.
Gravitational waves trigger ripples in space, seen in this illustration.

Big Bang's "Smoking Gun"
Confirms Early Universe's
Exponential Growth

This discussion suffers from the same basic failing of all physical science: The assumptions that "our universe" consists only of what we can observe with instrumental aids to the five human senses and that that artificially limited physical volume of mass, energy, time and space had a primordial origin in nothingness with no precursors. Those anthropocentric assumptions with no proofs defy the idea of infinity as unbounded and ignore other means of human knowing beyond the five senses and the omniscient awareness of omnipresent consciousness just because they cannot be "objectively" confirmed and communicated by intellectual processes among brains using our abstract languages and symbols. Hopefully the scientists will get it some day by pursuing answers to their continually unending questions until all assumptions are transcended.
Kim Prangley shared Elevate's photo:
And yet some people think something like free energy is impossible! I wouldn't count ANYTHING out just yet! We humans do NOT know it all..........

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